We are a technology lab for the engineering and construction world.

// A division of e.construct

Through coding, computational analysis and machine learning we create human aided design tools that empower and transform engineering

//What We Do

To design and build high performing structures.
To reduce worldwide raw materials and raw energy.

//Why We Code

Building and construction are together responsible for 39 percent of all carbon emissions in the world.

We currently do a lot of code but on the roadmap is hardware

Machine Learning

Optimization Algorithms

Structural Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Building Controls


Modular and Precast

Material Science (UHPC)

3D Concrete Printing



We work on bridging invention to adoption

//Invention to Mainstream Adoption

One of the problems in the engineering & construction industry is implementing research and products that exist in other industries or from research labs.

We believe in taking the Last Mile and making the adoption of innovative strategies faster.



Join us in developing innovative ways to transform the way we design our cities

//Join Us

We are looking for people who thrive off learning and solving problems. some of you may have succeeded in academic settings some of you may be purely autodidact -or anywhere in between.

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About e.construct

We are a multi-disciplinary engineering design firm with specialized value engineering and management services.

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Value Engineering

Structural Engineering

Precast Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Laboratory

MEP Engineering

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Our value engineering services improve construction cost and schedule savings by adopting innovative design solutions and techniques, while evolving the existing design principles to improve the overall performance and value of the project.

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